Heaters, tents, and more — to help keep your space, your staff, and your customers safe and comfortable all year long.

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Light Duty Deluxe Canopy Kit

Original Price:$300.00

Your Price:$225.00

Heavy Duty Deluxe Canopy Kit

Original Price:$480.00

Your Price:$342.00

Fully Enclosed Tent

Original Price:$1,375.00

Your Price:$756.64


Cuffed Beanie

Original Price:$9.99

Your Price:$5.50

Rib Knit Scarf

Original Price:$11.59

Your Price:$8.60

Fleece Scarf with Pockets

Original Price:$6.59

Your Price:$4.29

Knit Socks

Original Price:$9.00

Your Price:$5.50


Original Price:$9.00

Your Price:$4.29

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